**UPDATED AS OF JUNE 2020** 2020-2021 Additional Registration Information

For various reasons, the proposed renovation to the preschool wing of our building will be postponed until 2021.  At this time I do not have confirmed dates but Perdido Bay United Methodist Preschool will begin as usual on August 17th for our MWF and Pre-K classrooms.  Our T/Th classrooms will begin on the 18th. 

We are so excited here at Perdido Bay United Methodist Church and Preschool to be in the process of new construction and renovation to our property.  It is a blessing to our community, and we are filled with gratitude to our church members for their support.

With every blessing from God comes the time of growth and change.  This is the part that is hardest to get through.  We are ending our 2019-2020 school year early so the renovation of our building can begin. We are starting the 2020-2021 school year later than normal for the renovation to be completed.  The teachers are prepared and know that we will focus our lessons so that we are covering all of the standards for Florida early childhood education in the time we are here.

We are also adding a classroom to our school.  I have received many inquiries regarding this room.  The first step to opening the classroom will be staffing it.  We will open the room as soon as I have found loving, qualified people to teach in it.

From there I will look at my wait lists to see where the greatest demands are.  If I have a lot of three-year-old children, we will open a three-year-old classroom. If there are a lot of two-year-old children, that is what we will open.  I expect this classroom to fluctuate annually to meet the needs of our families.  We will always offer MWF sessions for Toddlers, 2s and 3s.  T/Th sessions for 2s and 3s; and Monday – Friday for Pre-K 4.

The determination on many things is up in the air.  As frustrating as that can be for our families, I promise you it is just as challenging for us.  We are so excited for this time of growth, but the growing pains are not fun.  Pray for all of us as we make these transitions and prepare for the upcoming school year.

As a reminder, Open Enrollment for current families is March 9th and 10th; Perdido Bay United Methodist Church families, March 11th; new families, March 12th .

Please see the post listed below for our current enrollment status. It will be updated as enrollment changes. Our wait lists do not carry over from one school year to the next.  You must be on the wait list for the current school year.

Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  To be registered I need at a minimum a registration form and fee.  We only take these when we have an opening for your child.


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