2020-2021 Updates

Friends and Families,

Adjusting to this school year has been interesting. The greatest challenges have been for the adults. It is good for us to remember that. We started this school year late, in a building that wasn’t renovated, with what felt like a mountain of cleaning to do all day long.

The reality is our building hasn’t changed and we have been happy here for many years. The cleaning has settled into a routine that is perfectly manageable, the children have adjusted as have the adults. No one loves mask wearing, but we love our children and will do it if there is the smallest hope it will protect a child and their family.

Closures for two hurricanes threw us off again as did the fact that most of the staff had damage that we are trying to fix. Some of our families had significant damage to their homes and are in new living situations for the time being.

2020 has been hard, but these sweet faces make it better. The routine of work and school has helped ease some of the stress of this year and we hope to continue throughout the school year. We pray often for the health and safety of others.

We are ready for Christmas break and we hope the joy of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, fills your heart and home with renewed hope for our future.

When we return there will be additional changes as we enter a new phase of construction. I will email our families directly with the changes. We appreciate and acknowledge your willingness to work with us through these necessary updates.

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